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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

God Of War 3 Pc Game Free Download Torrent Comressed 4.43 Gb

God of War III is a third person action-adventure video game developed by SCE Santa Monica Studio and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. First released for the PlayStation 3 video game console on March 16, 2010, the game is the fifth installment in the God of War series and the sequel to God of War and God of War II. The game features a revamped magic system, an increase in the number of onscreen enemies, further interaction with the environment, new camera angles, and downloadable content. As the best selling game in the God of War series, the game has sold over 5.2 million copies worldwide as of June 2012 and was released on August 28, 2012 as part of the God of War Saga, also on the PlayStation 3.
Loosely based on Greek mythology, the game is set in Ancient Greece with the player controlling the protagonist Kratos, the former God of War after the betrayal by his father, Zeus, the King of the Olympian Gods. Reigniting the Great War, Kratos ascends Mount Olympus with initial allies, the Titans, until abandoned by Gaia. Now guided by the spirit of Athena to search for the Flame of Olympus, Kratos battles monsters, gods and Titans in a search for Pandora: the key to pacifying the Flame surrounding Pandora's Box and defeating Zeus. God of War III is chronologically the seventh and final chapter of the series, and forms part of a saga with vengeance as a central theme.
PSM3 Magazine claimed that God of War III is "simply one of the best games of all time." and IGN claimed it defines the word 'scale' with reference to video games. The game has been highly praised for its graphics, in particular of Kratos, with IGN claiming the character "is perhaps the single most impressive-looking character ever in videogames." The game has received various awards, including the Most Anticipated Game of 2010, Best PS3 Game, Best Graphics, and Kratos receiving the "Biggest Badass" award. The game was also honored with the "Artistic Achievement" award at the 2011 BAFTA awards.
system requirements 
processor :2.6 core to due
ram 1.5 Gb
graphics card :512 Mb
keyboard, mouse, others